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Diane Soini dianesoini at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 11 21:20:41 CDT 2003

re: gurix.com

Small text: I use a Mac, so browsers let me increase the font size. As 
my vision is going, I needed to do that on your site. But when I did, 
it looked fine and readable and not like I broke anything. So, if you 
can somehow allow for people unfortunate enough to use PCs to also 
change the font size, then maybe it will be more comfortable on the 
eyes for older folks.

I liked the colors. I liked the gray menu at the top. It looked like a 
javascript menu but behaved really cool with those wipe effects. Maybe 
put a white border on the right edge.

Usually if I want to go back to the home page I click on the logo in 
the top left. I got the little hand, so I know the logo is a link, but 
I didn't go anywhere. There is no rollover text in the status bar (I 
tend to really rely upon that even if that isn't a very common thing to 
do), so I didn't know why it didn't work. Thankfully you had the 

Not sure the horizontal image below the flash banner area for each 
top-level link is necessary. How about changing just the banner image?

It's a pretty site. You fit a lot of content in a small space. I have 
never been able to do that well.


On Monday, August 11, 2003, at 01:11 PM, 
thelist-request at lists.evolt.org wrote:
>> My company has just released a new version of our website -
>> www.gurix.com
>> All comments/ideas/criticism is appreciated.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Aaron Holmes
> Here's my criticism: ;o)
> The text is tiny to the point of fuzzy (TFT monitor 1024*768 WinXP
> IE6.0) and fixed-size. (I have cleartype *on*) and there are a lot of
> text-as-graphics headings.
> There are two menus (and a trail and a bottom menu) and the grey one at
> the top looks out of place and seems to override the left hand menu so
> I'm not sure where I am.
> The context menu (left) sometimes changes, sometimes doesn't
> So I get lost.
> I'm lost...
> I think I'd like the site to unfold a bit more with fewer menu choices
> on display at any one time.
> Somehow the main grey menu looks broken. like it overlapped the picture
> by mistake...
> Upcomming events (company) has too many m's was just one of the typo's 
> I
> spotted.
> more in this quote, which made me smile, especially as I was lost at
> this point:
> <quote>
> Interface & Human Usability Design
> Communication will always remain an integral component in handling
> business affairs. We at Gurix know that complex interfaces and poorly
> planned designs can create stress and anxiety within potential and
> current clients (often leading them to look elsewhere), and lead to 
> poor
> relationships between businesses and clients. Therefore, when
> implementing electronic mediums [sort of like high tech spiritualists?]
> of communication between employees or clients, it is crucial for
> successful solutions to include an easy-to-use interface based upon the
> personna [?] of your average user.
> </quote>
> Hope that helps
> Sorry
> Tony

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