[thelist] Bold vs. Strong

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Tue Aug 12 14:59:13 CDT 2003

> Anyone know where I can find *the* most unrebuttable 
> argument to use <strong> instead of <b>?

i don't think there is one

for instance, you'll always have some joker suggest that there are instances where there really is a difference --


by the way, that was a really decent thread, perhaps worth your time to re-read it

i searched jukka korpela's site (via google) but he has not addressed this (that i could find)

i imagine that the reason B is not deprecated is because the w3c appreciates its importance


this brings us back to the "hooks in code" argument, doesn't it

if you want a truly visual-only style on a certain span of words, what's better, semantically, B or STRONG?  

or SPAN?

what if the visual-only style you want is bolding?

what if you want visual-only bolding and no emphasis?

my advice:  use B for B, use STRONG for STRONG

avoid SPAN


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