[thelist] Bold vs. Strong

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Tue Aug 12 19:55:18 CDT 2003

> > bold is a VISUAL SCANNING CUE in this context, and it would
> > NOT MAKE SENSE to have aural browsers EMPHASIZE those
> > words while actually READING THE COPY

poor example, because it's actually closer to the comic book dialogue

but the point is, you can visually "scan ahead" when words are bolded

> This is a case when you'd want to realize that these phrases are not
> important because they are BOLD but rather because they optimally
> convey the meaning of a paragraph.

did you intend to say "optically" instead of "optimally" perhaps?

> So, you should use some sort of semantic
> differentiation rather than presentation.

that doesn't follow, i'm sorry

it's about presentation, *not* semantics

> In this case you may choose class="keyphrases" or "skim".
> Then apply CSS to make that bold or whatever.

that's just plain silly -- at least, it is to me

there's a perfectly good tag designed for this purpose -- B

that's as stupid as deprecating IMG in favour of OBJECT or whatever

> By doing it this way you've opened the door to being able to
> programatically strip this summarized content off the page if necessary.

strip off?  but that's nonsense!

here, let me strip those words out of the above example:

  bold is a in this context, and it would to have aural browsers
  those words while actually

> No need to use <b> in your example.  Jakob was just lazy.

whether jakob nielsen was lazy or whatever, let's agree to disagree

however, one thing is inescapable --

you cannot do anything without some sort of markup


so, if you gotta have markup, i prefer B to SPAN

remember, this is for visual interpretation only

STRONG would be wrong

SPAN sucks if there's something better


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