[thelist] Sql query troubles

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Tue Aug 12 20:40:43 CDT 2003

>> You should deal with this in code. Just add a check to see if
>> the current row has the same TermID as the last one. If yes,
>> don't print the term, just the definition.

i agree with this completely

there's pseudocode for the application logic in this article --

  Format query output as header and detail lines
  (free registration may be required)

too bad you're using php, it's *so* much easier in coldfusion

fyi, there is a way that you can suppress headers in sql, provided that you
generate a sort key (which doesn't print), and provided you use
concatenation to create a "print line" of output, and provided you can use
UNION, which you probably cannot


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