[thelist] javascript for expand/collapse list (aka tree view)

Egor Kloos studio at dutchcelt.nl
Tue Aug 12 21:28:35 CDT 2003


Thank you for correcting / cleaning up my little script. Although the 
script worked I can see the value of good scripting practices.

> IMHO Joshua's and Gazingus's scripts are better.
Agreed, Gazingus's is better and very HTML friendly. No scripts mixed 
in with the page. Much better.
I should have thought of that, and it's telling that working on my CSS 
has distracted me in my javascript efforts.
Applying web standards including accessibility effects all areas of 

> correction:
>  if(document.getElementById){
I'm already getting used to the fact that most browsers can handle 
getElementById. But 'sniffing' for the functionality is still important.
So I've put them back in my scripts.

>   if(element){
Catching if getElementById returns a value I've asked for is a bit too 
much imho. We don't need to catch everything. Do we?

Anyway... I'm off to play with my crayons. thnx.


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C. Egor Kloos
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