[thelist] grc.com?

Ryan Tames rytames at telusplanet.net
Wed Aug 13 07:44:50 CDT 2003

> > https://grc.com

> the ShieldsUp page

If I can take this opportunity to mention:

He is a programmer, not a Internet Security Guru.
In my opinion, the only thing he ever tried to do, is
simply raise the public awareness about Computer
and Internet Security; Including the need to preceive
what that security is all about, with in a limited prospective,
that is aimed at a new users, whom wish to feel protected
within their limited knowledge of computer systems, and
computer interconnectivity.

Its all really very basic information, with which a newbie
can seek out more if they are interested.

<tip type="Security" author="Ryan Tames">
System security is more then just blocking a few
of the known Microsoft Windows(tm) software

True system stealth on a network, including the Internet
is only obtained by unplugging either the power cord, or
by unplugging the modem.

Security is inversely proportional to what you want to do with the system,
the more you want to do with it, the less secure it is. Not having one,
is about as secure as it gets.

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