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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 13 09:44:42 CDT 2003

> From: "Joshua Olson" <joshua at waetech.com>
> Keith, (and rudy, aardvark, et al)
> I'm not really sure if anybody'll back down on this argument, but I do
> have one more general question... since XHTML is eXtensible HTML,
> would it be an option to define a new HTML tag in the DTD so that the
> markup still reflects the meaning of the information and not the
> presentation?
> The danger would seem to be--assuming that I'm in the correct mindset
> this morning--that defining one's own tags willy-nilly defeats one
> major purpose of XHTML... interoperability.  Other systems may be able
> to derive the syntax from the definition file, but they won't
> necessarily know what the new tags mean in the broader sense.

they kinda took that approach with ISO HTML... in fact, *they* got 
the whole heading thing down (rudy?):

you can see the specs here:

but yeah, they've done some of that, and their HTML doesn't break 
browsers, it just doesn't add much to the user experience...

and XHTML is designed to allow custom tags -- since it is XML...

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