[thelist] SQL Query Question

Eric Schwake lombar at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 13 12:58:28 CDT 2003

Hello All,

I'm trying to do a date query.  Basically I have a
table in my access db called StartDate which will be
the date a customer started with us.  I also have a
column called DaysLeft which I hope to be a numerical
countdown column that will show how many days the
customer has left before their 90 day tech support is
over.  So in other words I need to figure out how to
look at their StartDate, compare it to the current
date, and then display in the DaysLeft how many days
of their 90 days they have left?  Is this possible in
Access?  If I need to clarify this any please let me
know and thanks in advance for the help.


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