[thelist] Re: Security... Please Make It Easier For Us Non-Tech Types!

Steve Edge steveedge at comcast.net
Wed Aug 13 17:12:23 CDT 2003

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> ³The security people, the OS people, the firewall people... all of them have
> to try to make protection more transparent to the end user. Just in the
> last few days, I've heard that some router I'm supposed to install before I
> go to cable internet access will protect me, and then that, in fact, the
> router or whatever it is WON'T protect me²
> The previous comments on this subject were all great and will stop many/most
> intrusions. I only want to add that there is, and will be, no way to totally
> secure any computer against the many possible intrusions (in the near future),
> other than unplugging the machine.
> The router you speak of will limit access to certain ports on your
> machine(s),which will help protect against some intrusions, but will be of no
> use at all against virus/worms, etc..that you (unknowingly) install/run on
> your own machine.
> Since most vulnerabilities are built into OS or server code, I can tell you
> that (in my opinion) nothing short of miracle will ever fix all security
> issues.
> On the bright side, keep in mind that very few ³hackers² care what is on your
> or my home computer. Therefore they have no reason to intrude.
> On the virus/worm front however, there is no solution (that I am aware of)
> other than the ones in previous post.. There are some radical ways to limit
> your exposure...buy a Mac.  ;)  or run some OS other than current Microsoft
> OS¹s, which seem to be the most targeted for these type problems. To my
> knowledge, (someone please correct me if I am wrong) there is no such animal
> as a cross platform worm/virus ??
> I have both PC¹s and Macs here. I have never had a problem with either
> platform. 
> Note: I use no virus software on the Macs and I am fairly lazy about security
> updates. I am currently running several Unix test servers PHP enabled, which
> introduces many more holes and open doors to intruders. I only mention this to
> suggest that all these security issues are (sometimes) greatly exaggerated.
> Unless you have something on a machine really worth stealing or you are a high
> profile target, keep up with your security updates, back up your data and
> you¹ve really done all you can do......or unplug it.  ;)
Be prudent but don¹t be paranoid,
S. Edge 

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