[thelist] changing name servers

Shawn K. Quinn skquinn at frogger.kicks-ass.net
Wed Aug 13 19:08:45 CDT 2003

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Marc Seyon wrote:

> Hey folks,
> Recently moved a client's site from one host to another, changed name
> servers in the process. Did this on Monday. The original host is also my
> local ISP. The changes seem to have propogated through to most people,
> however I am still seeing the old site.
> Done some tests. Everyone on my ISP sees the old site. Others see the new
> site.
> I know NS records are supposed to update automatically, but I seem to
> recall that sometimes you need to request that the old host remove the
> record from their servers. Is there any validity in this?

If that nameserver still thinks it is authoritative for that domain, then
it will continue to respond to queries for that domain with the
information that it has, which is almost certianly the old site.

Put another way, if my DNS server thinks it's authoritative for, say,
yahoo.com (for whatever reason) then anyone using that DNS server to
resolve hostnames will get whatever my server thinks is valid for anything
under yahoo.com.

The ISP needs to remove the domain that it is no longer authoritative for
from its servers.

Shawn K. Quinn

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