[thelist] What's the outlook

Ryan Tames rytames at telusplanet.net
Wed Aug 13 21:31:49 CDT 2003

On 13 Aug 2003 at 18:43, Diane Soini wrote:

> Hello. I'm wondering about the outlook for this career in web design.

What horrible stuff to say!

Actually industries have a funny way of reversing the leaders
into the losers. the industries leaders get to comfortable, and
I might even say 'high on themselves', which simply allows another
entity to step over the current leader, and into the lead.

Heres my opinions where the industry is going:

-- Standard complient browsers will take the lead, probally Opera
will be most popular on the windows platform, unless open source
projects unite in activism. IE will be dead before June next year.

-- The whole browser foundation will open up more potentiol users
to linux, Mac and BSD, as the new windows supposedly will be
years in the making.

-- Internet technologies, will begin moving away from MS, and into
*nix and open source. But as the internet technologies move,
the users will be moving more towards handhelds.

-- Java will/is playing a big part on the handheld scene, and clients
will be needing custom applications. ( So look into that )

-- As soon as the wireless net connectivity price drops, and the
handhelds get a bonus in hardware, handhelds will boom. Right
now there are major organizations pumping money into handhelds
and the technology that surrounds them. MS and Sun are but two.

-- the thing with the cleint side, is quite odd, i can say that
the handheld manufacturs will battle over their own terriritory,
and that's in display specs. Though Nokia is pushing xhtml over
wml. I imagine xml and css will be next.

-- the boom will cuase an increase in  server side functionality,
just from the mass amount of various display increases.

-- on the multimedia front, i do not think it will boom big. I however
think services will boom, as there will be all these people walking around
with these enhanced handhelds, they gotta do something with them..

-- communications might boom, but crappy thing is its mostly in
the hands of the telcos, which is what they are depending on, network
rental fees, etc.

the only solution to the mass money hounding that _might_ happen,
are hackers and open source. so there will be an increase of both,
cuase the little guys have to survive too.

I forecast it will happen in 2 years.

For developers, the industry already changes quickly, it will be
just one more change to keep up with. MS will try to control the internet,
but it would have moved to wireless already. AOL will probally put both
IE and Mozilla on their CDs, and sooner or later users will hear about
Mozilla. that's where the standard play comes in, and the developer
lead open source activism.

Flash may make a move. Java is already there. Nokia might be the main
hardware. and we will see an increase of power moving through out
the industry.

Just my speculation.

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