[thelist] speaking of security...

jsWalter jsWalter at torres.ws
Wed Aug 13 22:43:17 CDT 2003

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> You don't mention what Webserver software you are using,

oh, sorry, I should have, your right...

   Apache 2

> but most can be configured to answer on an IP address+port+host
> -header combination...


I'm looking into making Apache ignore addresses and address ranges.

> Most of these worms will not be able to contact your webserver
> (well, it won't reach any of your websites), since they are
> incapable of looking up entries in the DNS.

That is what I undrstand as well.

> Alterantively, install a firewall. Block requests to port 80 from 
> non-local (or non-trusted) addresses...

Yes, I'm looking into that as well.

Thanks for the ideas.


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