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Wed Aug 13 23:21:00 CDT 2003

<tip type="ColdFusion" author="Frank Marion">

For those who are setting up earlier versions of ColdFusion (notably 
version 4.5), you'll notice that ColdFusion doesn't natively handle MySQL 
datasources from the select menu in the ODBC administration panel.

Presuming that you are on Windows here's what you need to do to get it working:

1) Install MyODBC (available at http://www.mysql.com)

2) Set up your datasources in Start-> Programs-> Administrative Tools-> 
Data Sources (ODBC)

You must set up your datasource under SYSTEM DSN, not user DSN. The 
ColdFusion administrative panel will still fail to display a select menu 
with the MySQL ODBC source, but they will be visible, and accessible to 
your apps.

I know that ColdFusion MX ships with the Merant MySQL ODBC driver, version 
5 may as well.


Not only have I now caught up on tips, I do believe that I'm one ahead! 
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