[thelist] trouble validating xHTML 1.1 forms page

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Thu Aug 14 00:22:46 CDT 2003


> From: jsWalter
> <span class='menuItem' onClick="showRegion('eps_info')">
>   <img src="../images/icon_episodes.gif"
>        width="18"
>        height="18"
>        alt=""
>        align="absmiddle" />
>   &nbsp;
>   Episode
> </span>

just an observation, but be consistent about which attribute value qualifier
you use.  pick one and stick with it.  my choice is double-quotes.  i
reserve single-quotes for wrapping strings in scripting.

> 1) [ there is no attribute "align" ]
>    OK, this attribute has been removed.
>    I am using align="absmiddle" because I want the 18x18
>    image to align itself with the text label to its
>    right.  If this attribute is removed, the image to
>    too high on the text. Looks bad.

yeah, i miss not being able to use align="absmiddle" as well.  i've yet to
find anything similar in css.

> 2) [ there is no attribute "onClick" ]
> I guess I could embed a <A> inside the SPAN, around the
> image/label, but I would rather not. Can't really tell
> you why, just doesn't seem very clean that way.

try "onclick" instead.  xhtml is case-sensitive and requires all tags and
attributes to be in lower-case.

good luck,


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