[thelist] What's the outlook

Jorah Lavin madstone at madstone.net
Thu Aug 14 03:43:26 CDT 2003

At 22:31 08/13/03, Ryan Tames wrote:
>  IE will be dead before June next year.

Erg. Try to picture all the people at their desks in huge corporations. 
They don't know what a browser is, they just open Internet Explorer because 
that is what they are given. They don't have the need or the opportunity to 
install different software onto their machines, in fact it is forbidden to 
most employees, I suspect. IE will not die, but it might very well 
"disappear" into the OS so much that the average user won't know when they 
are looking at their local machine, their LAN, their Intranet site, or 
sites outside the firewall. The Windows Explorer is already basically the 
same beast as Internet Explorer, functionality that Opera can't replace.


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