[thelist] forum with payment and membership features

Zeljko Dakic zeljko at fon.bg.ac.yu
Thu Aug 14 05:08:07 CDT 2003

 Hi Andrew,

 you (or someone else) could develop secure login procedure for existing
phpbb forum, with payment if this is all you are missing. I think
existing forum sw like phpbb or others are already well developed that
repeating this work simply isn't worth the effort.

Zeljko Dakic
Webmaster @ http://www.dakic.co.yu
 Creating Better Business in Economy of Ideas

> Hi All I am looking for an integrated solution for a forum 
> something that can just fit into an existing template and 
> also have a secure signing process so that is members only, 
> also something that the user table can be used to add extra 
> areas onto later on, for example a classified ads section.
> Currently using phpbb but dont think it is flexible enough.  
> I'm in two minds as to whether building one or using a 
> commercial tool, preferably written in php and using mysql?

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