[thelist] How do I build a proposal for a website?

Ryan Tames rytames at telusplanet.net
Thu Aug 14 07:28:02 CDT 2003

On 7 Aug 2003 at 10:26, Kelly Hallman wrote:

> I think if you want to talk about devaluing the profession: what if
> the perception arises among those searching for web designers that all
> web workers are stingy with their time and unwilling to do anything
> extra to prove themselves to you?  The first person who comes along
> who doesn't have that attitude will probably get the job just on that
> merit.  So, thanks :)

I have to agree with this. There is a small chance that the prospective
client is out to steal your work, if anything the client may want
some of your creative ideas implemented in another creative fashion.
If you can prove, in a competitive atmospere that your capable of implementing
those ideas, plus do whats best for the clients customers; that proof
comes in the form of previous works, and specific works aimed at
the client.

The whole ideal is dependant on the clients customers. Which is where
'prettifing' an interface comes in to play, but also usability. I mean,
its those customers that ultimately will be paying you, it would be wrong
to not design for them; At the same time your client should also know
more about their customers, then you, and its true, you really need
to grab the customers attention.

I have thought about that long and hard, and also about my style,
which is fun for me, but as interfaces go, my style is really boring.
And that is just what my friends say. Which makes sense, I am
quite conservative, which may get me programming jobs, but really
it may not get me the 'wow-bang-zip' interface design jobs.

The whole problem i see (with any professional, in any industry) is 
they get cuaght up thinking they themselves know exactly what they
like. But only what they like. they claim themselves as the know-all
of all importence. That includes me, I analyze what I think to deeply,
when i should really just go back to the basics:

Which is grab the users attention, and then keep it, while keeping
the KISS rule at a maximum. I think that is the main objective of
any design work. But folks need to remember that, the professional
in any industry is the one whom has the long attention span, within
that industry, all the other folks need something to keep their attention
on your works. I suppose that has to do with classifing importence levels
of features, and communication.

ah, who am i to talk, I don't even work in the industry yet.

Ryan Tames.

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