[thelist] Preserving Formatting in Forwarded HTML Email

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Thu Aug 14 11:22:03 CDT 2003

Two things could have happened here:

1) When forwarding, the default mail type is set to "Plain Text". To change
this go to Outlook (in the main window) and choose Tools > Options... > Mail
Format Tab and select the default mail type.

2) See number 1.


I have a client that gets submitted data forms from their web site in HTML 
format.  They want this so the look of the email matches the printed forms 
they have been using for years.  So far, so good.  Got the emails to format 
properly and they are viewing and printing just fine.  However, when the 
emails are forwarded, all HTML formatting is lost.  Any idea how to address 
this?  They are using Outlook.

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