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 ³but I can't get my exported movie to be animated in the browser (maybe it
plays/exports the final frame, or maybe it plays so fast I can't see it
> fade in (12fps, frames 1-24 should give me a 2s fade-in).²
> J,  Try this on a test doc/movie, it should take 5 minutes to produce and
> illustrates flash basics..
>  The keyframe is represented by a solid black dot. This should be the first
> frame auto generated, when you create a new doc/movie. Note: the dot will be
> empty/white until you put something in the frame. Choose the A or font tool.
> Then click inside your movie window and type ³test². It should Should be
> followed in the timeline by empty frames which represent the length of your
> movie. Lastly, another keyframe/black dot.
> To make this second keyframe, move over say 25 frames and highlight frame 25.
> Go to your menu at the top ³Insert² and scroll the menu and choose ³keyframe²
> (do not choose empty keyframe) Now you should have two black dots, one at
> frame 1, and a second at frame 25
> Next, highlight frames 1-25. You will have to use key commands to do this. I
> use a Mac so I use shift drag. Once all frames are highlighted/chosen, go back
> to your Insert menu and choose ³create tween motion². An arrow should appear
> from first to last frame.
> The arrow represents your tween. Now, highlight only frame 25 and move your
> text to another location in your movie window, say to the opposite side of the
> window, whatever....
> Now, Go to File/publish preview/flash
> your movie should open and the text should move from postion a (first frame)
> to position z (last frame) over and over  ;)
> To export the test movie choose;
> File/export movie- a window will open asking what format (choose flash) and
> where to save the movie. The file will end in .swf
> testmovie.swf
> That should do it. You should now be able to open the movie in flash player,
> embed it in html and all that stuff...
> I believe you said you wanted a fade in/out instead of movement. I assume you
> already know this can be done in the properties window under the color tab.
> Use the same process as above, only use the faders to change alpha instead of
> moving the text, or a combo of move, change color, size,etc... and alpha.
> I hope this helps. Any questions you can mail me.
> S

-- Steve Edge

steveedge at comcast.net

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