[thelist] PHP - While Loop

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Thu Aug 14 13:09:07 CDT 2003

At 10:03 AM 8/14/2003, Kath wrote:

>Here is everything between the BODY tags

I just tested the code via straight cut and paste on my box (Apache/Lunix) 
and it works great. You said you were using your PC, windows correct?

You should start rem'ing out lines in the PHP code to see if you can get 
the page to parse correctly. Start with everything between the <??> and 
remove one comment at a time.

Another thing would be to check the page type of the file you are working 
on. Cut and page everything into notepad/textpad and save into a new file.

Obvious question: what extension is your file? Is IIS set to parse that for 

Last resort you might want to check above the body tag for rogue quotes.

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