[thelist] Sending an Entire Web Page Via Email?

Guillermo Salas M gsalas at mantareys.com
Thu Aug 14 13:16:38 CDT 2003


I´m using MOJO MAILING LIST to sent entire webpages to friends viá e-mail:


Anthony Baker wrote:

>Hey All,
>Does anyone know of a good Perl/PHP app out there that could
>send a specified web page "to a friend" via email? I already
>have used apps that send a link with comments and so forth,
>but am looking for something that would send a page by HTML
>email instead.
>Ideally, I'd be able to specify a set of possible pages or,
>if that's not possible, be able to send the current page a
>user is on. 
>Many Thanks,


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