[thelist] MS gets off its corporate duff (was: The New Worm)

Sean G. ethanol at mathlab.sunysb.edu
Thu Aug 14 14:52:57 CDT 2003

>From the NY Times:
Microsoft acknowledged today that it planned to change the way it
distributes its flagship Windows XP operating system software, in response
to a malicious software "worm" that has spread over the Internet in recent
days attacking tens of thousands of personal computers by exploiting
vulnerabilities in Windows.

Dissemination of the worm slowed today as network administrators and
individual computer users around the world took steps to protect their
machines, even as Microsoft's critics stepped up their complaints that the
company's software, which dominants the industry, puts its customers at risk
of such outbreaks.

FWIW, apparently this unprecedented as MS is changing the configuration of
an existing product, rather than saving such changes for the next version or
major update.

Sean G.
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