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Wil Cone wil at inaridesign.com
Thu Aug 14 16:08:49 CDT 2003

Good web|visual|interaction designers will always be in demand. 

The web is still very young! The web is evolving faster than most (any?)
applications can keep up...they generally have a pretty short
life-cycle. Then they have to be redesigned... 

Web apps are on the rise - a large part of my work involves taking the
UI designs created by a visual designer (and interaction designer) and
coding (html, dhtml, css, javascript) for the front-end of web apps.
More and more of the functionality can be done on the client-side
nowdays too (e.g., client-side table column sorting, DOM node
manipulation, etc.).

Also, while a given company may decide that they don't need a web
designer on staff, that doesn't necessarily imply that the demand for
web design is fading...

my two cents,

- Wil

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Hello. I'm wondering about the outlook for this career in web design. I 
think I'm on the verge of obsolescence. ... 
I just don't know what to do next. I really like the client-side 
work, but it appears that the need for that is fading. So many 
companies can just generate code with content management tools, so why 
bother having a web designer on staff? Why even bother with web 
standards, either, for that matter?

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