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Ryan Tames rytames at telusplanet.net
Thu Aug 14 17:58:24 CDT 2003

On 14 Aug 2003 at 10:40, Diane Soini wrote:

> Thanks for all the thoughtful responses to my moment of depression
> thinking about my future in the web field. Can you tolerate a few more
> questions? Sorry this is so long.

Sure, I was gonna write a response to someone that basicly
said, and was more directed towards you: "trust in your abilities
more, take what you know and learn some other technology" It
will be easier then you think.

> It was mentioned a lot about portable devices. What is the best way to
> begin learning about working with them? I don't use them, I don't even
> have a cell phone, so I don't really know how people use them.

I don't have one either. But I started with XML, and WML/WAP.

At the Sun site theres a Java 'micro API' aimed at handhelds; That
you can download. And some Nokia site, theres development kits
to download.

What I am slightly interested in, is wireless multimedia. Ring tones
and wbmp is a place to start, but you know I want to create my own
and not just convert popular music, and images of Stars.

Every since I ever touched a computer I've had dreams
of interactive multimedia. But now Ican't figure out where
exactly should I be developing. Flash? fine, but i think
doing web sites in flash is stupid. I want to do movies,
cartoons and stuff, but that is seemingly only going to get
me doing what? ecards for aliving? 2 minute shorts?

I cannot figure out what type of multimedia I should develop.

> What
> kind of content is needed for a small device and how to do you create
> it? I think you need an emulator, am I right? On MacOSX where do I get
> an emulator (and do I need fink installed?) And, is developing
> expertise in XHTML/CSS and semantically correct code a path to success
> in this area? I mean, do these devices depend on it?

No, not yet. The newer versions of the handhelds support XHTML.

The current set of handhelds, are still WML/WAP technologies,
WML is easy to learn, and Wireless Bitmaps can be done in Photoshop.

An emaluator can be downloaded at Nokia. And you guessed it,
its done in Java. Chat forums and what not, I have'nt signed up for

> I don't want to get into an OS/browser debate. Honestly I think IE
> will always dominate. (And the comment about people being clueless
> about installing any other browser is definitely true. Any dialog box
> pops up and they think they've been taken over by a virus!) 

Well, I like IE, its the fastest loading browser on my system,
and is my defualt. But I said that in context of, if you the developers
want it to go, you have the power to make it go, pop-ups might
not be the best way. I think a better way is through educating the

> I signed up for Blogger recently and noticed that in Safari it uses a
> basic blah web form, but for IE it is set up like a Windows
> application. I believe that that sort of thing is more the future of
> the browser: as a delivery device for desktop applications. (I think
> this'll be true for Apple as well...) Since I flunk every programming
> class I take, I think I'm not gonna succeed much as a programmer.

Says who? School is a lot different then the real world. And honestly,
you have to teach yourself to keep up with these new emerging standards
and technologies.

I was going to code my own blogger... But that's the thing, programming
is what i am interested in. Anyway, i'm not even in the industry yet,
but at the same time, I never tried to really sell myself.

I agree the web is communication medium, that folks want centralized,
but also allowing mobility. 'Web' applications is one way to do that.
I chose to learn PHP, becouse it allows me to be more mobile, as
I move to Windows to Linux, and back and forth.

> About UI/IA. I believe I have a natural talent in that area, although
> I have MUCH to learn to develop it. It is something I am very
> interested in. However, --at the company I work for any way-- the
> attitude is that UI (and HTML and css) can be done by any programmer
> and isn't really very important. (And believe me, it shows.) They also
> confuse UI with "pretty", and "pretty" is devalued as well.

Well, to a certain extent in can be done by any programmer. Done
well, is a different story.

> I've been taking all the info from this list, and on evolt.org, and
> everywhere else -- even JavaOne -- on accessibility and usability and
> valid coding practices and doing what I can to develop a level of
> expertise. How can I best put this expertise to use? I mean, what
> could I call myself or how could I market myself so I can succeed? And
> can I succeed if I'm not a programmer?

I can't answer that one. But I can delve off into a little mumbo jumbo,
that on the surface might not make sense, and I will...

Heres me, a certified trades man, in the cooking field. I have not
finished high school, although I have tried, and I have not finished college
although I have tried to. My life has presented numerous barriers, some
just drop down in front of me, with out warning. I come from a poor-
drug abusing-abusive family background.

I worked towards not being cuaght in any barrier, so I simply jump them,
it takes time, sometimes. I _think_ I am not as smart, or as good, as people
claim me to be. However, it boils down to "just do it".

Peope who do not know me, call me stupid, or crazy. They are
non-beleivers, which is not my fualt, they do not know me. But you
_have_ to believe in yourself. You have to believe that you are using
your potentiol, all of it, in your endevures to succeed. With one
exception, don't believe you have the knowledge, actually have it.
don't believe you can do it, actually do it. That too takes time.

Marketing? Well, that takes believe in yourself, and samples of
previous work. I can't exactly get to personal with my previous
life(s), but everything that has happened then, defines who I am
today. And ya, I'll take breaks now and then, but I will never stop 
trying. I will stop and test the waters a little, and then find something
new to try.

The point is, as a human being, you can do anything you set your
mind towards. People will always give you their opinion, and honestly,
in my opinion, do not let their personal thoughtes cloude yours.

Their personal opinions are biased towards their personal beleifs and
expectations and experiences. still, you have to make it happen, and
that requires a lot of practice and studying.

Sorry, that's more of a generalized 'motivator' speech.

Ryan Tames.

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