[thelist] Why are these objects undefined????

Steve Abaffy sabaffy at mswebdevelopment.com
Thu Aug 14 18:08:07 CDT 2003

Hello I have the following:
This table is mostly generated by going through a record set. The names
TAH1, TAH2 etc are generated by takeing "TAH" & RS("ProductNumber")
Then in the second row of the table the DV and HV are generated the same

<form action="ReassignCredits.asp" method="post" name="frm">
		<div name="TA1">10</div>
		<input type="hidden" size="3" name="TAH1" value="10">
		<div name="TA2">11</div>
		<input type="hidden" size="3" name="TAH2" value="11"
		<div name="DV141">10</div>
		<input type="hidden" name="HV141" value="10" size="3">
		<img src="/images/uparrow.gif" onClick="MoveQuantityUp('141',1);">
		<div name="DV142">15</div>
		<input type="hidden" name="HV142" value="15" size="3">
		<img src="/images/uparrow.gif" onClick="MoveQuantityUp('142',2);">

function MoveQuantityUp(HiddenName,productID){
	HTMLName = eval("document.frm.DV" + HiddenName);
	HiddenName = eval("document.frm.HV" + HiddenName);
	TAH = eval("document.frm.TAH" + productID);
	TA = eval("document.frm.TA" + productID);
Now here HTMLName is undefined
HiddenName is ok and I can work with it
TAH is ok and I can work with it
TA is undefined

Not sure I understand why??????

Thanks for any insight.
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