[thelist] My first Flash

Dan CRACIUN dcsquare at myrealbox.com
Fri Aug 15 06:44:49 CDT 2003


>> I've created my first Flash movie (for my sins .. hey, u gotta give
>> the client what they want), and it animates in Flash (the
>> application), but I can't get my exported movie to be animated in the
>> browser (maybe it only plays/exports the final frame, or maybe it
>> plays so fast I can't see it fade in (12fps, frames 1-24 should give
>> me a 2s fade-in).

I didn't find the begining of this thread, so I don't know if you have a dead-line or you just want to learn.
If you do only text animation and you are in a rush, you might wanna try swish (www.swishzone.com). It has some pre-built effects (I think fade in/out too) that make text animation very FAST.
Of course, if you want to learn Flash and you have the time, go for the real thing. But in my experience, swish covers 60-70% of a what an average designer has to do in Flash, and it makes a good add-on for speedy projects.

Dan Craciun

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