[thelist] SWF w/o Flash

Merlene Paynter Blacha merlene_blacha at sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 15 08:51:04 CDT 2003

Hi Joel,
I've never seen a free program for creating SWF files but there are a
couple of inexpensive ones that I've tried.

Swish (www.swishzone.com) sells for 49.95 and has a demo version you can

Coffecup Firestarter (www.coffeecup.com) sells for 49.00 and also has a
demo vesion you can try.

About 2 years ago I tried both and found the Swish software to be more
reliable but both programs are not nearly as versatile as Macromedia's
Flash MX software.

As to Linux software for creating SWF, at the time I was looking for
something 2 yrs ago I didn't come across anything, but that doesn't mean
it's not out there.

Your best bet I'd say is to download any trial versions you can find and
see what works best for your needs.

Merlene Blacha
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I want to create SWF for my website, but I don't own Flash. Are there 
books out there that tell how to code from scratch? Other (free) tools 
that will allow me to do the same thing? Linux possibly, but not

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