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"Text movement works fine, but text (converted to an object) fading
doesn't. What's wrong with what I've done or am trying to do?"

J, (and all) Sorry for the html which garbled my last post. This post is
plain text.  ;) Hopefully it will turn out better...

To make a fade in flash MX; Follow this order of events exactly

Create first frame text, with text selected, convert it to a graphic symbol
(In menu Insert/convert to symbol)
Skip to a desired frame in the time line, say frame 30 and Insert/keyframe
Now you should have two black dots, one at frame 1 and the other at your
last frame.
Next, select ALL your frames, from frame 1 to your last keyframe. In the
menu, select Insert/create motion tween
Now you should have an arrow from frame 1 to the last frame (in the
Next, choose ONLY your last keyframe, or first, depending on whether you
want to fade in or out.
Once frame is chosen, click on the actual text in the movie window to make
sure it is selected, now go to the properties window and select alpha, set
the alpha to desired transparency.
That's it....now to check your work.... Go to File/Publish Preview/Flash

Note: Do not check your work by playing the movie in the timeline. This is
not reliable.

If the flash preview works correctly and you want to convert it to swf, go
to File/Export Movie, as before....

If the preview works, but after exporting to swf it does not work, then you
may have a problem in your export settings (File/Publish Settings
Good Luck,

-- Steve Edge

steveedge at comcast.net

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