[thelist] Re: What's the outlook

Nemesis nemesis at nemesis1.f2o.org
Fri Aug 15 19:23:59 CDT 2003

Ryan Tames wrote:
> On 15 Aug 2003 at 10:36, Diane Soini wrote:
> I'll just state, I feel like I've been sucked into a new world, lots
> of reading to do now...
> that link Hassan posted is helpful, MMAPI.
> Maybe I can answer these questions in a few weeks.
>>How do you get the info off the web and into a small device, anyway?
>>File -> save as...? Could I use css, like you do for a print version
>>of a page, (media="?") to make the content, or do I have to write
>>different content? What about images? Anywhere where there is more
>>info about this that you can recommend?

You have to join to get the development kit



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