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Javed Alam jalam at cc.ysu.edu
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Ryan Tames wrote:

>On 15 Aug 2003 at 8:16, Joel Konkle-Parker wrote:
>>I want to create SWF for my website, but I don't own Flash. Are there
>>books out there that tell how to code from scratch? Other (free) tools
>>that will allow me to do the same thing? Linux possibly, but not
>I just wanted to mention, there SMIL and SVG, two XML
>technologies that are present for multimedia applications.
>Browser support may be lacking though.
I just wanted to mention that SVG is supported through a browser plugin 
from ADOBE for IE and Corel's plugin will also work for netscape/mozilla.


The SMIL is supported by real media player and there are some other 
browsers such as xsmile


There is a svg profile svg tiny that is also supported on smartphone 
etc. same is being done for SMIL so that it could work on smartphones.

Threre is a debate going on whether one should support non standard 
based flash for multimedia or not too highly developed svg/smil combo 
that is xml standard based for web based multimedia. I am more inclined 
towards creating structured documents that can be processed through an 
XSL. Therefore I would wait till svg/smil combo catches on.

I have created some  presentations using SVG graphics a vector markup 
language, a standard established by W3 consortium. This group is 
responsible for maintaing the standards for worldwideweb. I also used 
your demo TTS to create synthetic voices for both of these 
presentations. I presented both of these at the Summer_Institute_03 that 
was held at Youngstown State University. The presentation was very well 
received by the summer institute participants.

The key feature here is that these presentation were created in the 
simple text editing program eliminating the need of programs such as MS 
powerpoint. The same file was rendered in three different presntation 
formats by using the style sheet. This approach allows total separation 
between presentation content and the actual appearance of this content. 
In addition to that synchronized sound file created by the use of TTS 
can aslo be attached to each slide of the presentation.

To see this prsentation one will need a PC with sound and Internet 
explorer with the SVG plugin from Adobe. The plugin can be donloaded and 
installed on the host computer from the url


the three different form of the presentation can be found at

{ advance quickly to 3 rd slide to sync with first sound file after 
opening the presentation}
{ advance quickly to 2 nd slide to sync with first sound file after 
opening the presentation}
{ advance quickly to 3 rd slide to sync with first sound file after 
opening the presentation}

The sound files are synchronized with the slides hence after every pause 
of 5 seconds move to the next slide by using the next slide button in 
these three presentations.

I hope you are able to see and hear these presentations

PS: These presentation were created using program called jacksvg  

The sound was created using the demo tts from neospeech 

and it was added to the svg file using the audio name space extension to 
svg specifications from ADOBE. I would like to hear groups comment on 
this topic where one can create multimedia presentation without the use 
of any proprietary program such as MS powerpoint and Macromedia Flash. 
The whole presentation could be edited in a plain text editor.



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