[thelist] Sending an Entire Web Page Via Email?

Todd Ballard todd at nhive.com
Fri Aug 15 17:15:19 CDT 2003

Here is an old post that may be of some use. 

Chris Blessing wrote:

> Matt, I set something up exactly like this using some simple ASP 
> pages.  The link itself ("Send this page to a friend") contains the 
> URL to be sent (the current page URL, found in ASP with 
> request.servervariables("url")) like
> such:
> <%
> dim theURL
> theURL = request.servervariables("url")
> %>
> <A HREF="/sendToFriend.asp?link=<% = server.urlencode(theURL) %>">Send

> this page</A>
> On sendToFriend.asp, there's a simple form which posts back to 
> sendToFriend.asp with the sender's name, email and comments, and the 
> recipients name and email (and of course the URL to be sent, in a 
> hidden field).  All that info goes into a database table before being 
> mailed.  Then I compose a simple mail message (we use ASPMail) and it 
> gets shipped off and they get a success message, yada yada.  Pretty 
> standard stuff.
> HTH!
> Chris Blessing
> webguy at mail.rit.edu
> http://www.330i.net
> > Can anyone recommend a good way to do this? when clicked, it would 
> > take them to a new screen, where they would fill in the recipients 
> > email, their own name and email, and a brief message, and it would 
> > send all this plus the URL for the page they came from to the 
> > recipient. Basically, its your standard" email to a friend" feature,

> > like you find on any news site. I wouldn't want to grab the contents

> > of the page, just the URL, and the email it created would be a 
> > simple HTML email, containing some simple branding (logo in the 
> > corner).
> >
> > tia,
> >
> > .matt
> > --

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