[thelist] mySQL db problem

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Sat Aug 16 19:20:09 CDT 2003

At 08:18 AM 8/16/2003, Tom Dell'Aringa wrote:

>I checked all the other tables to make sure the data wasn't going
>somewhere else, which it didn't seem to be. There are only 6 tables
>at this point, with hardly any data. The DB resides on my account on
>the localhost. I don't know if they are using clustering, I can try
>and find out...

You might want to do a bit of environment variable viewing to see if your 
Web Server setup is the same as your telnet setup. e.g. same machines and DBs.

If you have PHP you can use <?phpinfo()?>, if you are using perl I have a 
few hacked routines to throw global variables to the screen.

Compare the output to you telnet/ssh command line information. Once you 
have confirmed both sides are using the same machine and DB, we'll have to 
think of a different route. (e.g. It could be quite possible that the ISP 
has moved your account to a new box and your telnet/ssh is going to the 
olde box.)

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