[thelist] PHP - While Loop

Kath Kath at cyber-kat.com
Sun Aug 17 09:27:37 CDT 2003

At 09:40 AM 8/16/2003 -0700, Bruce wrote:
>i previously asked you to post the entire file. you posted a part. i posted
>an entire file in response to your posting and asked you to try it...
>did the file i posted work for you?

I tried it and got the same results as I have been getting from the one
that came on the book CD.

>if it didn't or for some reason you never got the file i posted, repost the
>"entire" test file that you have.....

I have posted the entire file - everything between the body tags.  There is
nothing else above that except for the title tag and a 1 line style tag to
create margins and make the font bigger.  I removed all of that and it made
no difference.

>also, send the results of what you get when you type:
>php -i
>php -v

Where should I type this???  

I appreciate your help, but I strongly suspect that there is nothing wrong
with the PHP code.  I believe as Ryan suggested that there is something
wrong with the set up, since the file works correctly on my web host's server.

Perhaps someone has some experience with this PHPDev setup and can point me
in the right direction.

I'm inclined to experiment with the instructions Ryan provided, but I'm
concerned that I will screw up what I have.

Thanks - again, everyone!  I really do appreciate your taking the time to
help me solve this problem.

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