[thelist] useit.com redesign competition

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Sun Aug 17 17:54:26 CDT 2003

> Maybe their should be a competition to redesign
> http://www.builtforthefuture.com/reuseit/

no, too few people would enter it

apply the three main criteria they've stipulated for the reuseit design -- 
"entries must be usable, accessible, and pleasing to the eye" -- and
there's blessed little to improve upon in the builtforthefuture design, 
if you ask me

<tip type="community">
time and talent to burn?  the reuseit design contest not your cup of tea?
perhaps you can lend a hand with the efforts currently underway to redo
evolt for our upcoming 5th anniversary -- subscribe to theforum list at

i was going to point directly to the desdev list (design and development)
but i see the lists page needs updating itself

you can see recent desdev threads at http://lists.evolt.org/desdevarchive/

sign up to theforum and the folks there will get you going


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