[thelist] Tip - ColdFusion and Datasources

Paul Cowan evolt at funkwit.com
Sun Aug 17 22:15:38 CDT 2003

Ken wrote:
> Surely, if the client app needs to disconnect after running each
> statement, and reconnect to send the next statement, that's got to be
> about the worst possible DBMS implementation in the known universe...

What are you talking about? Sybase doesn't need you to reconnect to
send the next statement...

(Wakka wakka wakka!)

Thank you, thank you. Now, a funny thing happened to me on the way
to thelist...

<tip type="Security" author="Paul Cowan">
One of the easiest security holes to leave in a Windows IIS installation
is the leave the default website, and associated sample files, installed
and publicly accessible. A good approach is to create a new, second, site
on the machine, and leave the default website permanently shut down. This
also helps because some installation programs of IIS addons etc. will
create new virtual directories in w3svc1. If that's your live site, that's
the last thing you want.

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