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Mon Sep 22 14:31:09 CDT 2003

Hi Marc,

Thanks for your thoughts.

I am indeed an accessibility advocate.  But I do think there are times when
other objectives outweigh the value that accessibility offers.

In this situation - where the content is several hundred images of his work,
I found it hard to justify.  But I would be grateful to hear what some
justifications might be - just 'cause I didn't think of them, doesn't mean
they don't exist!!  Here was my reasoning:

1. He's an illustrator, so the central purpose of his site is to get work by
showing the work he's done in the past.

2. His only realistic use for search engines is for people to be able to
look up his name and find his site.

3. Because his work is so visual, what purpose would the alt tags really
serve?  It would help someone navigate the site in a text based browser
perhaps, but for what purpose?

4.  Since there are so many images of his work (each of which is further
sliced into smaller images for quicker downloading), thinking of and adding
alt tags for all of the images would have added a lot of time to site
development.  I had a hard time justifying the time and energy given the

Would love to hear other approaches or reasoning.

All the best,

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Message from Jorah Lavin (9/21/2003 06:41 PM)
>At 15:13 09/21/03 -0700, you wrote:
>>p.s.  what was the block of css code that you added?
><style type="text/css" title="Leif Parsons Style Block">
>a:link {
>     border: none; /* unvisited link */
>a:visited {
>     border: none; /* visited link */
>a:hover {
>     border: none; /* mouse over link */
>a:active {
>     border: none; /* selected link */
Or simplify those styles to

border: none;

This might help too.

a img
border: none;

So the site seems to be that of a graphic designer. But come on, did it
have to be created exclusively with images? There doesn't seem to be a
single word of text in there. Go in with images disabled and you're
screwed. No alt text even.


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