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Peter Smulders schmolle at pobox.com
Mon Sep 22 15:44:50 CDT 2003

Hi all,

><tip type="Spelling, schmelling" author="Joshua Olson">
>Save time and stop spell checking your sites:
> [snip]

Further to another comment made already, using this kind of garbled 
interface into the weird and wonderful apparatus that is the human 
language processing capability is an absolutely guaranteed way to make 
sure you never show up in search engines. Good idea if that is what you 
are trying to achieve.

The other way around is a point worth making: using not only correctly 
spelled text, but also conventional terminology (as opposed to slang) 
will increase your visibility on most search engines.

In fact:

<tip type="Search Engine Tuning" author"Schmolle">
Write the text on your site in relation to what you think your audience 
will expect; if you are catering to the 3l33t, garble your text 
accordingly. Do not expect anyone older than 12 to ever find your site. 
Or be able to read it.

In general: align your terminology with the conventions on the majority 
of sites in the same field and you will become part of that 
(identifiable) majority.

Also, cr3 at t1ve spe11ing wreaks havoc on automatic translation sites. 
Think multi-lingual accessiblity vs looking clever.

(who risks sounding like a pedantic moaner in order to preserve web 
usability :)

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