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Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Mon Sep 22 17:34:32 CDT 2003


> From: Maisha Walker [mailto:maisha at e-vent.org]
> Thanks for the comments.  I found this item particularly
> interesting:
> > do not make the flawed assumption that those surfing
> > with a text-based browser cannot view images.
> That was indeed my assumption.
> In text-based browsers that can view images, can anyone
> explain how alt tags aid the browsing experience?

well, on a page that's made up entirely of images, it shows up as:

   [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer]
   [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer]
   [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer]
   [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer] [spacer]
   [index_01] [index_02] [index_03] [index_04] [index_05] [index_06]
   [index_07] [index_08] [index_09] [index_10] [spacer]
   [index_11] [index_12] [index_13] [index_14] [index_15] [index_16]
   [index_17] [index_18] [index_19] [index_20] [index_21] [spacer]
   [index_22] [index_23] [index_24] [index_25] [index_design] [index_27]
   [index_28] [index_29] [spacer]
   [index_illustration] [spacer]
   [index_31] [index_32] [index_33] [index_34] [spacer]
   [index_35] [index_36] [index_37] [index_38] [me] [contactme]
   [index_41] [index_42] [index_43] [spacer]
   [index_44] [index_45] [spacer]
   [index_46] [index_47] [index_48] [index_49] [index_50] [index_51]
   [index_52] [index_53] [index_54] [spacer]

dunno about you, but that's incredibly, non-useful.  don't quite see how
non-useful it is?  read all the struff on brackets from start to finish.
all those spacers get annoying immediately.


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