[thelist] PHP Beginner

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Mon Sep 22 18:20:51 CDT 2003

> > Does anyone know the creator or where "Hello World" came from?
> According to my reading it was this guy: http://lerdorf.com/bio.php

highly doubtful it was he alone

i wrote a "hello world" program in Fortran in the late 60's at university

(of course, it could have been "hi there" and not "hello world")

he'd've been, what, in diapers at best, if he was even around at all

> "Hello World" has its genesis in the first world-wide network, ham radio.

much more believable

thanks, jay

>  http://hbar.physik.uni-oldenburg.de/jens/text/msg00008.html

thanks, joshua -- that's hilarious

that "Master Programmer" is what i imagine the inside of Microsoft's code
looks like


p.s. i invented the spacer gif independently, too -- that's no lie

i *knew* i should have patented it!!

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