[thelist] Site check request, all css layout

rudy rudy937 at rogers.com
Mon Sep 22 18:38:24 CDT 2003

> I'd really welcome any comments at all - design, code, whatever.
> Don't hold back!

well, with that type of invitation...

there's a horizontal scrollbar at 800x600 maximized -- quite bothersome when
there's actually something over there, as in
(perhaps the sidebar should be wider on that page?)

print style sheet is fabulous -- i like how the header, logo, nav bar etc.
are all suppressed

the fixed background image of grey weeds at the bottom right is mildly

font size switcher absolutely rocks -- given that you won't let me do it

the little arrow icon beside the News headline in the sidebar on the home
page looks like it might be a link to a News page, but alas, i click to no

the even littler arrow icon beside the Doctrinal Statement link should also
be a link

main nav at the left works splendidly

w3c icon means nothing to normal site visitors, and it and the "site by
pixelmech" should be on the About page only

article links should be listed by latest at the top, oldest at the bottom

win2000 ie6


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