[thelist] conserving resources - closing a recordset in ASP

Wade Armstrong wade at wadearmstrong.com
Mon Sep 22 18:46:18 CDT 2003

On 9/22/03 Sarah <poohbear at designshift.com> wrote:

>> >I am trying to make my ASP code a little easier to write, and read, 
>> >creating a function to perform a query for me and return a
>> >Here
>> >is the function:
>> >   function doQuery(sql)
>> >   {
>> >     var rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset");
>> >     rs.Open(sql,conn,adOpenStatic);
>> >     return rs;
>> >   }
>> >Of course, using this function means that the recordset doesn't get
>> >closed.
>>How about:
>>   function doQuery(sql)
>>   {
>>     var rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset");
>>     rs.Open(sql,conn,adOpenStatic);
>>     var myArr = rs.GetRows()
>>     rs.Close
>>     rs = null
>>     return myArr;
>>   }
>>That will leave you with a nice, handy two-dimensional array of your
>>query results, through which you can iterate without having to carry
>>object around.
>I tried this, but couldn't figure out how to loop through the returned 
>array. This is what I was trying:
>var contents = doQuery('SELECT * FROM Contents');
>for (i = 0; i < contents.length; i++)
>   Response.Write(contents[i][0] + '<br />');
>But for some reason contents.length is undefined.

I'm a VBScript person, not a JScript person, so my ability to help on
this detail is limited, but I do see this example:
describes how to use an array from GetRows() in JScript

>Also, I like being able to use the recordset because I can then refer
>to the columns in the query by name. 
It's easy to set up some constants to use, rather than array positions:
    const PersonName = 47
    const PersonFlavor = 48
    for (var iRecord = 0; iRecord <= iUBound; iRecord++) {
        strName = myArray.getItem(PersonName, iRecord);
        strFlavor = myArray.getItem(PersonFlavor, iRecord);
        response.Write(strName + ' likes ' + strFlavor + ' ice cream.');
(give or take dozens of syntax errors due to unfamiliarity with
server-side JScript)

>Maybe I will just give up on my function and write out the full code
>each time
I have a function like the one you're trying to write, just in VBScript,
and I find it saves me an immense amount of time, not least on typos
writing out the full code incorrectly. I highly recommend trying to make
this work.


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