[thelist] Site check request, all css layout

Randy Pearson randyp at cycla.com
Mon Sep 22 19:44:52 CDT 2003

>> 2 - When you view an article, there is no menu item highlighted. I'm
not sure what to do here. Normally when I highlight the menu item you
are on that page and the menu choice is not selectable.

Maybe that points out a menu design flaw. If you have 6 menu items, but more
than 6 pages, it seems you will not always be able to highlight one. 

OTOH, you *could* add an "Articles" menu item. (In fact, you probably should
do this to provide some way of getting to articles in general.) But even if
this were a meny item, I would not be in favor of highlighting it when
viewing one specific article, because you would be infering an incorrect

Somewhat related, I would prefer a different color for the current menu item
than what you use for your :hover style color.

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