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Dan Williams dan at ithium.net
Wed Sep 24 22:20:32 CDT 2003

Hey Diane

Don't quit just because someone was a jerk. You had a pleasant response
from the original poster, Maisha Walker, and just because Jeff Howden
was rude, condescending, and patronising, does not mean you should take
it personally. Take a look back over the list history... He seems to
make a habit of doing it every now and again, and probably doesn't mean
to cause offence. Seems like everyone ignores such remarks of his
usually, although Gregory Wostrel did remark on his comments to you. If
everyone took everything personally, no-one would contribute at all...
Especially as plain text often makes it very hard to ascertain the true
intention of the writer. It seems unfair to judge the many thousands of
list subscribers as being the same as one guy, right?

So, just ignore him, there are plenty of other people on the list who
are really nice :)


...and now for a tip, to make up for this message's lack of technical
content ;)

<tip type="telnet can be your friend" author="krycek">
Don't be too quick to dismiss telnet as 'evil' just because it uses
plain-text protocols and is therefore insecure. I seem to meet more and
more people who do this, and although it is true that for actions such
as remote control you should use for instance SSH, telnet still has its

I generally find it indispensible for doing things as simple as checking
mail server responses, right through to stepping through the protocol
logic of the server programs I write. You can also use it as a quick
method of checking webpage output - simply connect to port 80 of the
domain you are checking and type "GET /". This can be useful for quickly
checking what different people are actually seeing, for instance by
using a remote computer and comparing the output to your own.

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I was paying a compliment to how nice the images rendered. I do know how
to view source and tell the difference between different types of

I can do without the sarcasm. 

I'll be quitting this list now.


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   1. RE: link borders on a MAC (Jeff Howden)
> It all looks so smooth I really thought it was flash. 

oh geeze, you can't be serious.

no, really.

<tip type="debugging" author=".jeff">

not sure how a particular effect was created, whether by text, images,
flash, or something else?

without even viewing the source you've got a few tools at your disposal
-- the cursor, the status bar, and the right-click menu.

if the cursor turns to an i-beam, then you're dealing with text.

if the cursor turns to a hand, you're dealing with a link.  the status
bar might yield clues like seeing "JavaScript:".

otherwise, it's time to use the right-click menu.  flash has it's own
menu. everything else (with obvious exceptions like activex controls,
java applets, etc) uses the ie right-click menu.  pay close attention to
the menu items in the grouping at the top.  if the "save image as..."
option is not disabled then you're dealing with an image.  there are
other clues.  see how many you can find.



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