[thelist] firewall

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Thu Sep 25 02:21:15 CDT 2003

From: <john at johnallsopp.co.uk>
Subject: [thelist] firewall

: OK people, another one of these requests.
: Any firewall recommendations for a home user on ADSL running Win 98?


a) Are you looking for a hardware, or a software device
b) What is your knowledge of TCP/IP?

If you are looking for a software device, and you're familiar with TCP/IP,
then I would suggest Kerio personal firewall: www.kerio.com

Otherwise, if you're not familiar with TCP/IP, then any of the major
software products will do: ZoneAlarm, the Symantec one.

Alternatively, you can buy yourself a simple ADSL router. All include NAT
(which will stop most things). You just need a network card in your PC
(assuming that you are currently using a USB ADSL modem, otherwise, if
you're already using ethernet, then you just put the router between your PC
and your existing ethernet ADSL modem).


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