[thelist] re: thinking of getting new mac

matt s. mspiegler at lightbulbpress.com
Thu Sep 25 08:26:06 CDT 2003

a Mac-only virus would also have trouble propogating itself, since even if it
fired off an email to every address in a Mac users email client, chances are
high that the recipients at the other end will have a PC.


Chris Price wrote:

> > Also does the Virtual PC software help OS X to better integrate in a
> > Windows environment?
> Virtual PC, bought by Microsoft this year, won't work on the new G5 because
> of the new chip architecture. There appear to be no plans to do anything
> about this. Macs networking is another issue.
> I too have never had anti-virus software on a Mac. The only issue I have
> ever come across was a worm a few years ago that did cause some folks some
> problems. Free software cleared it.
> I believe the reason for the Mac's relative immunity is more to do with
> numbers of users than ease of creating viruses. A virus that created Mac
> havoc might make the front of Macworld but wouldn't get a mention on the 9
> o'clock news. Also the Mac community is a bit like a club whereas PC users
> just have a computer on their desk.
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