[thelist] ftp synchronization tool

Sarah poohbear at designshift.com
Thu Sep 25 09:51:47 CDT 2003

>>(3) will allow you to specify what to do with files based on if they:
>>      - exist only on my machine
>>      - are newer on my machine
>>      - are the same on both machines
>>      - exist only on the remote server
>>      - are newer on the remote server
>Are you sure you can't do what you want with ftp voyager?
>it compares the two folders (local and remote) against all your criteria 
>and shows you the results before synchronizing either up or down
>you can specify:
>ignore case
>compare size (or not)
>compare time (or not
>if to include subfolders
>it will allow you to ignore older/newer on remote and local
>and you can remove known (non-sync) files from the compare list before 
>synchronising and you can synch the remote with the local or vice versa.
>You just need to supervise it a bit - but that's probably a good thing?
>As far as I can see it will offer to upload files that "exist only on my 
>machine" or are "are newer on my machine [1]"
>it will ignore files that "are the same on both machines" and will offer 
>to download files that "exist only on the remote server" or "are newer on 
>the remote server [1]"
>[1] if you tick "compare time"
>what scenario specifically won't it do? because I would recommend it heartily.

Unfortunately, the site I am trying to synchronize has thousands of files, 
in particular one directory which contains about 2500 documents which are 
constantly being added, updated, deleted by the site admins. The reason I 
am looking for an ftp synchronizer is so that I can just do the 
synchronizing automatically, without having to "supervise". My other option 
is to just delete the entire site from the remote server and upload it 
fresh, but I am trying to save time and bandwidth. My main goal is to avoid 
uploading files which are already on the remote server, and are the same as 
those on the local server.


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