[thelist] ftp synchronization tool

Sarah poohbear at designshift.com
Fri Sep 26 07:13:18 CDT 2003

>  [1] if you tick "compare time"
>>>what scenario specifically won't it do? because I would recommend it 
>>Unfortunately, the site I am trying to synchronize has thousands of 
>>files, in particular one directory which contains about 2500 documents 
>>which are constantly being added, updated, deleted by the site admins. 
>>The reason I am looking for an ftp synchronizer is so that I can just do 
>>the synchronizing automatically, without having to "supervise". My other 
>>option is to just delete the entire site from the remote server and 
>>upload it fresh, but I am trying to save time and bandwidth. My main goal 
>>is to avoid uploading files which are already on the remote server, and 
>>are the same as those on the local server.
>So in ftp voyager you'd synch folders - it lists differences between 
>server and local in two different windows - you hit the remote sync button 
>- it only uploads files that are not on the remote or are different (older 
>/ newer) whatever.
>if you want to automate it you'd set up a scheduled action to synchronize 
>the remote folder to your local folder.
>The synch action (you can have several)  can take the parameters 
>previously mentioned - e.g. only upload files that don't exist or are 
>newer than on the remote.  Is that not what you want?
>Or am I missing something fundamental?


I think the main thing I don't see mentioned anywhere in the ftp voyager 
synchronizer is an option to delete files from the remote server that don't 
exist on the local server. Is there a way to do this?


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