[thelist] ftp synchronization tool

Sarah poohbear at designshift.com
Fri Sep 26 07:15:42 CDT 2003

> > I am looking for recommendations for an FTP
> > synchronization tool. I am
> > trying to make sure that a site I am working on is
> > synched up between a
> > local server here at work and a client's remote server (where
> > site will be hosted). Here's what I'm looking for:
> > (1) works on Win2k
> > (2) will preserve the modified time of files when they are
> > (3) will allow you to specify what to do with files based on if
> >      - exist only on my machine
> >      - are newer on my machine
> >      - are the same on both machines
> >      - exist only on the remote server
> >      - are newer on the remote server
> > I've tried WS_FTP Pro, which doesn't do (2) (at least not when
> > the synchronization tool), and FTP Voyager, which doesn't do
>I may not understand the problem, but WS_FTP Pro has an option
>Sites>Organize Sites>your.site>Edit>Session>bottom option that
>lets you preserve file modify times when transferring. I'd think
>it would work with the synch tool once the site was set up that
>way. Can't say I've tried it, though.


Yes, you are right, it does have this option. However, it doesn't seem to 
be actually doing what it says :) I just tried it again to be sure, and 
even though I had enabled the "preserve file times" feature, the time on 
the remote server was the time that I uploaded the file. Can you think of 
something that I may be doing wrong to cause this to not work?


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