[thelist] javascript question

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Fri Sep 26 12:30:34 CDT 2003

your final goal is good usability, so if the default form behavior 
(where the enter key submits the form) is contrary to the intended (and 
expected) form behavior, you need to fix it. Nothing wrong or shameful 
about that, that's why the DOM is there, and scripting is provided.
You (one) should consider the keyboard users amongst us (which would 
include myself) who reach for the mouse only as a last resort when 
browsing, and any other relevant use-cases, but my philosophy is to use 
the tools and means available to build the most effective interface 
I'm preaching to the choir for the most part, and I'll offer a tip for 
preaching in the first place:

<tip type="managing expections">
In work as in life, people will handle missed deadlines, and other 
disappointments a lot better if you've discussed these possibilities 
ahead of time. No-one expects perfection, but its aggravating when a 
deliverable doesnt show up on time or a meeting is delayed as everyone 
involved is inconvenienced. Causing your client to lose face is the 
worst possible thing that you can do. Deadlines can often shift if you 
raise a red flag in time. The various announcements, meetings, 
development schedules that hinge on your deliverable will need to be 
re-scheduled but this is far preferable to the embarassment your client 
will suffer when arriving empty-handed at a meeting  with their 
collegues and business partners.


Tom Dell'Aringa wrote:

> It's irrelevant in my case. My application was IE6 only. Whether
> there is or not, I don't know because I've never really looked into
> it because, as jeff says, not a good idea at all.
> Tom

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