[thelist] ftp synchronization tool

Sarah poohbear at designshift.com
Fri Sep 26 12:36:38 CDT 2003

>>(1) works on Win2k
>>(2) will preserve the modified time of files when they are transferred
>>(3) will allow you to specify what to do with files based on if they:
>>      - exist only on my machine
>>      - are newer on my machine
>>      - are the same on both machines
>>      - exist only on the remote server
>>      - are newer on the remote server

Well, I've tried several of the suggestions (vuBrief, FTP Voyager, 
SynchroMagic, WS_FTP Pro), none of which seems to quite work. The main 
problem is that when the synch job goes, the file times on the remote 
server get changed, so further synchronization doesn't work as it should. 
Instead of only recently updated files being overwritten, (almost) all 
files are being overwritten. I'm starting to wonder if maybe there is some 
setting on the remote server which would cause this problem. Any ideas?

If worse comes to worse, I will just use WS_FTP Pro, as long as obsolete 
files get deleted from the remote server, that is really the most important 
thing. I can always just let the synchronization job run overnight :)


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